Founded in 2015, MINEX Europe Forum offers a vibrant platform for the dissemination of innovative technologies and promoting investment opportunities and best practices for mining and exploration across Europe.

The previous MINEX Europe Forums have been held in Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria. These Forums have brought together local mining communities and international companies to facilitate cross-border dialogue on developing sustainable mining industries across Europe.  In 2020 the Forum was organised online and highlighted mining projects in Southern, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

The 6th MINEX Europe Mining and Exploration Forum will be held on 5 – 7 July 2022 in Tirana, Albania focusing on Sustainable Mining in Western Balkans and wider Europe.

5 July

Forum & Exhibition 

6 July

Forum & Exhibition 

7 July

Mine visits 

Countries of the Western Balkans region have a long-term tradition in mining, processing, and metallurgical activities. The RESEERVE project, funded by the EU, is currently mapping the mineral resources of the six ESEE countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia to identify business opportunities for further development of “untapped” strategic metals and reduce exploration and investment risks. It offers comprehensive information about a significant number of business opportunities in the primary and secondary raw materials sectors in the region.



The Forum will take place on 5 and 7 July at a physical venue in Tirana, Albania. The content-rich program covers hot topics on business development opportunities across all aspects of mining and post-mining reconciliation in the Western Balkans Region. Leading experts and companies will present at the plenary, strategy and technical sessions, and panel discussions.  English-Albanian simultaneous translation will be offered to presenters and delegates.

Hybrid format

MINEX Europe Forum is organised in a hybrid format connecting remote and in-person delegates, speakers and exhibitors. Access to the forum’s sessions as well as a web application and live broadcasts is provided exclusively to registered participants. Access to video recordings of sessions and slides will be provided to the forum participants after 25 July 2022.
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hydbid format

Learning opportunites

Hear from the leading experts and mining professionals who have hands-on experience in the region
Learn about emerging business opportunities in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe
Ask questions and receive answers on potential risks and learn how to avoid them
Connect with other participants people on a personal level which cannot be replicated by online events
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Business Networking

Delegates attending in-person will be able to enjoy networking drinks and Gala dinner. The purpose-built mobile web application will enhance opportunities for interactions between the participants during and after the Forum.
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An exhibition of mining projects and technologies organised on 5 and 7 July alongside the Forum stimulates business exchange and forges partnerships with the local mining communities.  The virtual twin of the exhibition displays extends engagement with remote participants.
What will you see at the exhibition ?
Companies offering technological solutions and services to the mining and renewable energy industry.
Greenfield and brownfield junior mining projects.
Mining ESG and Renewable Energy Projects developed in the Balkans region and wider Europe
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Site visits

Visit local mines and learn about how they operate
Learn about emerging business opportunities in the Western Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe
Make personal connections with the mine managers
Discuss potential opportunities for business development 
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Facts and Figures

MINEX Europe 2019

Forum facts

Over 200 delegates

Over 40 presenters and panellists

Around 20 journalists and media partners

Over 20 exhibitors and sponsors

80% delegates are senior executives and decision-makers in their organisations

An intensive programme

Over 20 hours of presentations

Around 10 hours of networking

A day-long mine site visit

Where are the participants from?

Who are the participants?