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AMC Consultants (AMC) is a global mining consultancy firm that has helped 1,800+ miners over 35+ years across 10,000+ projects to find smarter ways to mine and unearth hidden business value. With expertise across mining, geology, engineering services, geotechnical advice, metallurgy, and advisory, there are few challenges we haven't seen. AMC is an internationally recognized brand that stands for quality and independence. So, when you see AMC on a report, you know it's one you can trust. This is enhanced by our Smart Data™ System— the world’s most comprehensive site-level validated mining data set, which underpins every report we produce. Smart Data™ allows our clients to understand the drivers of excellence in mine performance using genuinely comparable or ‘like-for-like’ cost and productivities. Another aspect that sets us apart is our people. We only employ career miners with exceptional experience and the highest integrity. People who understand both the art and science of mining.