Albanian National Agency of Natural Resources

The National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN) has as its object of development, supervision of rational use of natural resources, according to the government policy, and monitoring of their post-exploitation in mining, petroleum and energy.   AKBN areas of activity consists of: a) The proposal, consultation and cooperation with relevant government structures for the design of its policies and strategies in the field of mining, hydrocarbons and energy; b) The implementation of Government policies in the field of mining, hydrocarbons and energy; c) Ensuring within the scope of its activity, the government critical for studies and projects in the field of activity of mining, hydrocarbons and energy, presented by government or private entities, domestic or foreign. For special cases may require specialized assistance; d) Promotion of mineral resources, petroleum, hydro and renewable energy sources; e) Negotiation of petroleum and mining agreements and monitor the implementation of their development plans; f) Preparation of the necessary documentation and procedures for issuing permits, licenses, authorizations, in accordance with the law, which allow entry into the petroleum agreement and conducting petroleum operations under signed agreements; g) Monitoring the implementation of agreements on hydrocarbons; h) Supervises mining, hydrocarbons and energy; i) Performs the monitoring of areas used, the risk of closure of mining and mining activities; j) Monitoring the concessionary contracts for hydropower; k) Exclusively manages all primary hydrocarbon sector data and data related to mining and post-mining activities; l) Propose measures to increase the use of energy in the energy cycle; m) Drafting and publication of the annual energy balance, in national and regional level, in accordance with Eurostat formats and International Energy Agency.