Florensa Haxhi


Chief of Business Development
Albanian Investment Corporation

Economist and senior policy maker, expert in areas such as economic development, national strategic programming and regional cooperation. She currently holds the position of the Chief of Business Development in the Albanian Investment Corporation (AIC), and is responsible for creating successful and sustainable business models for the projects AIC aims to develop by combining the experience of the private and public sectors and capturing the value of the state underutilized assets with the goal to achieve economic development for the country. She has hold for many years the position of the Director General of the Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, at the Prime Minister’s Office, and has been responsible of drafting a number of National Development Programs in various sectors of the economy which are translated into concrete executable national strategic projects with a direct impact to the country’s economic growth. She has also been in charge of the coordination of the Regional Economic Area and its Action Plan, since its creation in 2017, with the focus of developing and transforming the Western Balkans region into an economic area where goods, services, people and knowledge move without borders.

Session 3
05 July 2022 / 14:00 - 15:30 | Queen Geraldine

The role of the Albanian Investment Corporation in developing underutilised state assets and contribute in attracting investments in sectors which have great potential to bring economic development for the country.

Introduction of the new Investment Instrument, the Albanian Investment Corporation, developed by the Government of Albania to better utilise underused state assets and increase investments in those sectors that are underdeveloped, including solar energy, but also mining (where AIC can be an investor as well as an agent public sector coordination of the sector).