Adrian Bylyku


Executive Director
National Agency on Natural Resources of Albania

Adrain BYLYKU 1986-1991 completed the university studies at the Polytechnic University of Tirane, Faculty "Geology & Mining". 1993-1996 completed the postgraduate studies at the University of Bologna, in the field of geo-technics and chemical research related to construction sector. 2016-2017- Director of the Hydrocarbon Directorate at AKBN. Since 2017 onward Executive Director of AKBN[National Agency On Natural Resources] Earlier, I have performed other tasks, such as: 2014-2016 - Environmental and geo-technical consultant as part of the United Nations Environment Program UNEP, 2006-2014 - Technical director of the company "Antea Cement", 2004-2006 - Head of Sector at the Procurement Directorate, KESH[Albanian Energetic Corporate] - Procurement specialist of the World Bank project in the Ministry of Health HSRDP & HSRP; 1996-1998 - Geotechnical engineer in the company TAMBURINI Ltd., & GEIMCO Ltd., Bologna (ITALY),; 1993–1996 - Geotechnical engineer in the company "R.C.E. (Chemical & Geotechnical Research in Construction Industry), Bologna, Italy.

Session 2
05 July 2022 / 11:30 - 13:00 | Queen Geraldine

Mining Sector in Albania and Some Recommendations on Foreign Investments

The present Situation of Albanian mining sector and the near future perspectives .