Session 2


Session 2

11:30 – 13:00 / 5 July 2022   Queen Geraldine

Mining Critical Raw Materials in the Western Balkans and wider Europe – a fresh perspective

In 2020 Europe represented just 5% of global mining and is the only region in the World with a declining mining industry. Europe’s ambitious electrification and decarbonisation plans will likely fail unless Europe’s mineral-rich countries start investing in mining and processing critical raw materials (CRMs). Expansion of domestic mining, processing, and refining capacities in Europe is critical for reducing imports and geopolitical dependencies. Political leadership, guidance, political support as well as public communication strategies for developing CRM mining projects across Europe, including in Western Balkans, will become ever more important in the forthcoming years.

Discussion themes 

  • The EU’s “Open Strategic Autonomy” plan
  • Prospects for integrating the Western Balkans into EU CRM supply chains
  • Global market analysis and outlook for critical raw materials
  • Impact of EU climate and energy policy on CRM demand and output
  • Responsible sourcing of critical metals in Europe
  • What is the future of battery metals demand and production in Europe?
  • The EV Revolution: impacts on critical raw material supply chains
  • Prospects for CRM production in the Western Balkans and wider Europe
  • New “greener” solutions for recovery of critical and precious elements
  • Mining for the EU’s Green Future – challenges ahead

Tim Buisseret
Country Director
Department for International Trade

11:30 Building Resilience to Geopolitical Risk

Sir Richard Shirreff
Executive Vice Chairman

11:45 - Status of the EU Critical Raw Materials policy developments

Robert Tomas
Policy officer
European Commission, DG GROW

12:00 - West Balkan mineral register

Duska Rokavec
Senior Economic Geologist
Geological Survey of Slovenia

12:15 - Mining Sector in Albania and Some Recommendations on Foreign Investments

Adrian Bylyku
Executive Director
National Agency on Natural Resources of Albania

12:30 - Sustainable development - Future of mining in Republic of North Macedonia

Ivica Talevski
Macedonian Mining Association

12:45 - Mining in Serbia - Potential and Threats

Dragan Milosevic
Board member
Geological and Mining Association of Serbia