Bilal Koçi


Director of Mineral Resources
Albanian Geological Survey

Bilal Koçi is the Director of the Directorate of Mineral Resources in the Albanian Geological Survey. Since 1991 he held various positions at the Albania Geological Survey, as a specialist, chief of the sector, and Director of the Directorate. From the 1991 - 1998: Specialist for research and exploration of chromite ore in the Burreli Geological Enterprise, A.G.S; Between 1998- 2000: Director of the Burreli Geological Enterprise, A.G.S; In 2004 - 2008: Specialist in the Directorate of Civil Geology, Environment sector, A.G.S; In 2008-2013: Specialist in the Directorate of Mineral Resources, A.G.S; In  2013 - 2020 he was in charge of the Sector for Monitoring of Exploration Permits in the Directorate of Mineral Resources.

During all these years Mr. Koçi carried out many explorations projects for the chromite ore, initially in the ultrabasic massif of Bulqiza, but also in other regions of the country, as well as evaluation works for mineral raw materials (PRM) of different types. Has led various projects such as duties of the AGS in issuing mining exploration permits and supervising the respective mining activity, pursuant to law no. 10304 dated 15.07.2010 "For the mining sector in the Republic of Albania". From 2011 until present: Mineral Intelligence for Europe (MINTELL4EU). Between 2018-2021: "The assessment of chromium-bearing potential and other minerals in the ultrabasic massif of Bulqiza, perspective etc".

Session 4
05 July 2022 / 16:00 - 17:30 | Queen Geraldine

Critical raw materials in Albania

Critical raw materials, although not numerous in number in Albania, are currently one of the most important areas of evaluation of useful minerals. For years in Albania, research, exploration, evaluation, and studies of some of them have been carried out, such as Platinum Group Minerals (PGMs), bauxites, cobalt with iron-nickel, gallium, etc., with coal, phosphorites and phosphate rocks. For precious minerals, rare earth elements (RRE) and lithium in Albania, the Department of Mineral Resources has started their study in 2021, which will be completed at the end of 2023. We will briefly present the presence of critical minerals in Albania, their types, geological conditions of their placement, and other data available to the Albanian Geological Survey.