Dashamir Gega


Specialist - Department of The Mineral Resources
Albanian Geological Survey

Employment experiences 30/10/2013 - 2019: Specialist at the Albanian Geological Survey, Department of Mineral Resources. 01/04/2013 - 30/10/2013: Deputy General Director at the Albanian Geological Survey. 30/05/2006 - 01/04/2009; 30/06/2009 - 01/04/2013: Engineer and technical manager at the mining company "Shebeniku" sh.p.k. 01/04/2009 - 30/06/2009: Specialist at the Institute of Geosciences, Tirana. 01/05/1996 - 30/05/2006: Geological engineer at the Institute of Geological Research-Exploration, Tirana. 01/04/1987 - 01/05/1996: Chief geologist and specialist of the Geological Enterprise Librazhd of Pogradec., Burrel etc. Education and training 01/06/2001 - 30/06/2001: Qualification in the field of industrial minerals at the University of Exeter, England. 29/09/1997 - 30/05/1998: Specializations in Geology, Aachen University, Germany. 01/05/1999 - 30/05/1999: Specialization in the field of geological structures, Faculty of Geology and Mining, Tirana. 01/09/1981 - 30/12/1985: University of Tirana, Faculty of Geology and Mining, Tirana. etc. Qualification title achieved: Specialist in the field of geology, mineral search - exploration. At the end of obtaining the degree "Doctorate" in the field of geology (exploration of primary raw materials). Leader and co-author of national and EU funded projects and scientific reports in the field of geology (AGS). LEAR of the Albanian Geological Survey in EU funded projects (2013-2022).

Session 7
06 July 2022 / 14:00 - 15:30 | Queen Geraldine

Search-exploration of lithium in Albania

1.The spread of Triassic magmatism, represented by volcanic-sedimentary facies with a sense from basic to medium-acid, found in the area of Korab, Mirdita, Cukal and Gashi, constitute a field of search-eploration on the presence of lithium in these formations. 2.The presence of the granitic vein series in the upper part of the Jurassic magmatism, quite widespread in the Mirdita area, represented by ultrabasic, basal and volcanic rocks of basic to medium sense, constitutes a field of lithium search-eploration related to these formations. 3.The presence of bauxite deposits formed by lateritic up to moderate decay of gabbroic rocks, and their placement in Cretaceous limestone karst pits, is a field of search-exploration of the presence and potential of lithium associated with these formations. 4.The presence of old clays formed by the alteration of the Lower Triassic igneous rocks and their re-deposition on the Middle and Upper Triassic limestones by filling the karstic and morphological pits (Fushë Studen-Peshkopi-Kukës Region) constitutes a search-exploration field on the presence of lithium in these formations.