Ivica Talevski


Macedonian Mining Association

Ivica joined the procurement department at Sasa in 2016 and was promoted to Commercial Director in 2018. Prior to working at Sasa, he held senior procurement roles with SGSM whilst that group was constructing a key strategic gas pipeline in North Macedonia. Ivica previously spent almost five years working in procurement and supply management with a US company, KBR, which was awarded a logistics contract by the US Government and the Department of Defence in order to support armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ivica holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Macedonian Mining Association and was appointed Sasa’s Deputy General Director and Sustainability Director in 2020. In 2021, he was unanimously elected as the new President of the Macedonian Mining Association (MAR) at the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia. He is focused on the development of the mining sector in accordance with the highest principles of environmental protection, support for the community, and intensification of cooperation with all relevant partners.

Session 2
05 July 2022 / 11:30 - 13:00 | Queen Geraldine

Sustainable development - Future of mining in Republic of North Macedonia

In the country I come from there are examples of successful business stories based on responsible operation, environmental protection, and building strong relationships with the community. These principles are based in the company where I work - SASA mine but need to be implicated in the entire mining industry in the country As a President of the Macedonian Mining Association. I strive for this practice to be the basis for all companies operating in this sector because there is no doubt that we all have one common goal - sustainable development. The development of our companies and the whole industry is impossible without the simultaneous development of the community, so I strive for this relationship to be even more visible to create a success story for both companies and citizens. As in any sector, there are challenges that need to be overcome.