Dr. Shteryo Lyomov


Associate Professor
Mining and Geology University, Sofia

Shteryo Lyomov is associate professor in drilling engineering at the Mining and Geology University in Sofia, Bulgaria. He holds a MSc and PhD in drilling engineering. He spent eight years at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as a researcher and lecturer. His professional R&D interests are bottom-hole tools, directional drilling technology, drilling fluids, and cement slurries. He has been instrumental in organizing Devico field team and is also founder of BG Drilling Solutions. Mr. Lyomov is SPE member.

Session 7
06 July 2022 / 14:00 - 15:30 | Queen Geraldine

The New Approach in Ore Body Exploration – The key to increase the geo-data quality and reduce drilling expenses.

The last two decades has been shown increase in the exploration activities, while there was a low technology invasion in drilling. However there is some emerging technology in deep exploration, where drilling expenses are considerable part of the overall project budget. One new approach in ore body exploration is directional drilling. It helps precise borehole navigation, thus reaching the target zone and obtaining the geo-information sought. Furthermore, it reduces the drilling program meterage along with the cost saving, and has impact on the nature environment, reducing number of the drill site. Those and other aspect of the directional drilling are the main focus of the presentation. Overview of the directional drilling technologies is presented with their advantages and disadvantages as well as applicability at specific geo-technical conditions. Examples from Canada and Indonesia are presented.