Session 5


Session 5

09:30 – 11:00 / 6 July 2022   Queen Geraldine

Technological risks and solutions to move towards “Greener” mining

Decarbonisation of the global economy and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals drive changes in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance in the mining and metallurgical industry. The difficulty in delivering minerals to satisfy consumption growth while decreasing the environmental footprint is compounded by declining ore grades. This has direct implications for the amounts of water and energy needed for production while increasing the environmental footprint of mining. Many mining companies in Europe are reviewing their sustainability strategies and are actively implementing technologies and projects that help to minimise their environmental footprint, reduce CO2 emissions and waste, and use energy and water more efficiently.

Discussion themes

• Sustainable innovative solutions for mineral exploration
• Challenges surrounding the exploration of mineral resources
• New geo-models to explore for 'hi-tech' raw materials
• Improving and developing interpretation of geophysical and downhole data
• Examples of Environmental and Health Concerns which could be identified during the exploration
• Geological Methods
• Drilling Technologies

Chris Bray
Principal Mining Engineer
SRK Consulting (UK)

09:30 Innovation for reduced footprint in European and Balkans Projects

Andrew Bamber
Managing Director
Bara Consulting

09:45 - Safety at work in the mining industry

Rrapush Tola
National Authority for Safety and Emergencies in Mining

10:00 - Drilling and Sampling Considerations for Assessment of Mine Tailings

James Williams
Senior Resource Geologist
SRK Consulting (UK)

10:15 - Unlocking Value in Historical Mine Tailings: Mineral Resource Assessments

Dr. James Davey
Resource Geology Consultant
SRK Consulting (UK)

10:30 - A Practical Guide to TSF Risk Management (with Case studies)

Iain Pickard
Co-Founder and CEO
Strategia Worldwide

10:45 - Tailings Efficiency: Minimisation and Monitoring

Richard Elmer
Knight Piésold